March 08, 2004

One Step Closer to Two-Wheeled Locomotion; Stork

The open road is calling me. Like a sirenís song, the twisting canyon roads of Southern California are drawing me irresistibly. I spend several hours each weekend driving Pacific Coast Highway in a tight sports car, but this is not enough to satiate my desires. No, this is an itch than only a motorcycle can scratch.

Ok, that is overstating the matter a bit. The truth is just that I think motorcycles are pretty cool and Iíd like to learn how to ride while I am still fairly young. This will be a significant jump from the 50cc Honda Mini-Bike I drove as a pre-teen, so I am taking everything nice and slow. The first step in this journey is now complete: I am now the proud owner of a Class M1 permit to operate a motorcycle in California. The next step will be a couple of days at the California Motorcyclist Safety Program, the official motorcycle safety course administered by the California Highway Patrol. Iíll hopefully pass the course this week.

The highlight of this week will have very little to do with motorcycles, however. Rebecca and I will be taking the Stork Tour this weekend. It is a tour of the Labor and Delivery unit and Family Care Center of the hospital weíll be using for the delivery this May. I can't wait. :-)

Posted by Darren at March 8, 2004 11:08 PM


Go soothingly on the grease mud, for therein lurks the evil skid demon.


Posted by: mtc at March 9, 2004 03:38 PM

Japanese Motorcycling Rules:

1. At the rise of the hand of the policeman, stop rapidly. Do not pass him by or disrespect him.

2. When a passenger of the foot moves in sight, tootle the horn trumpet melodiously to him at first. If he still obstacles your passage, tootle him with vigor and express by word of mouth the warning, "Hi, hi."

3. Beware of the wandering horse that he shall not take fright as you pass him. Do not explode the exhaust box at him.

4. Give big space to festive dog that makes sport in road.

5. Press the brake foot as you roll around corners, and save the collapse and tieup.

Posted by: mtc at March 9, 2004 03:43 PM

Wise suggestions. :-)

I thought I had finally decided on the right "starter" motorcycle, but now I can't find it for sale. The 2004 Suzuki GS500F has not made it to any dealers in the area. The last GS500 was in 2002, so there aren't any 2003 to be had either.

Posted by: Dakota at March 9, 2004 03:55 PM

First of all, congrats!

Second of all, good luck on whatever you're going to do next...

Thirdly, who all at GameSpy (currently and formerly) have blogs up? I'd like to bookmark them all. (I found this one through chris' site)

Posted by: Mix at March 17, 2004 11:35 AM