May 12, 2004

Dry Canyons, Wet Dogs, and May Flowers

Ortega Highway is a remarkably twisty, two-lane road carved into the mountains between San Juan Capistrano and Lake Elsinore. The 30 miles of highway includes innumerable tight curves and sprawling vistas. It has quickly become my favorite rides on the Suzuki, although I will only ride it with great caution, and then only during weekdays and non-peak hours. Rebecca and I wonít be on a motorcycle together in the near future, but that didnít stop us from exploring the route in the safety of our SUV (it was too hot to subject a pregnant woman to the S2000). These photos show some of the highlights.

Most of our afternoons have been spent much closer to home. The dogs are enjoying having us around the house. Dakota even offered to help me adjust the sprinklers in the backyard. Madison is not quite as handy with plumbing as his older brother, but he does a fine job of aerating the lawn during frequent games of catch. Both have contributed in their own ways to the flowers coming up in the back.

Posted by Darren at May 12, 2004 09:44 PM