May 27, 2004

Babcia and Dziadzia Visit

Hannah’s maternal grandparents were in town this week to help Rebecca and I acclimate to our new role as parents. It has been a great a visit. Hannah may have been a little confused by the use of Polish names for grandparents, but she covered it well. Babcia and Dziadzia doted on her, as you can tell by these photos. Hannah’s Aunt Heidi and paternal grandparents will also visit us in the next couple of weeks.

I experienced a perfect moment last night. This moment was so rare and precious that I wanted to freeze it so that I might revisit it again and again in the future. My butt was firmly planted in a comfortable chair. My daughter was sleeping in my arms. And the first season of Northern Exposure was in the DVD player. I couldn’t ask for more.

Posted by Darren at May 27, 2004 04:35 PM


I enjoyed the photos posted of your beautiful daughter.This web site is really nice and classy. Hope Hannah likes her presents. Wishing your lovely family well out there in the West, from old friends back East in Hickory Hills.
Diane Zehner

Posted by: Zehner at June 26, 2004 02:14 PM