October 16, 2004

Rolling Over, First Vegetables, First Piggyback Rides, and More

“Turning” has been the theme of the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, Hannah turned 5 months old. She has been “turning” towards more and more solid foods and away from the breast-milk only diet. And she can now successfully turn over from her stomach-to-back and back-to-stomach. She’s been teasing us with rolling over for a month, so it was a thrill to see her finally pull it off.

Most of these milestones were recorded on film. Hannah’s first vegetable was pureed carrot. You could tell that she was expecting a different flavor with each spoonful, but she ate heartily. We added squash to her diet a few days ago. The vegetables have gone over so well that we’ve also introduced other new experiences to Hannah’s world, including strolls in her walker, piggyback rides on Daddy’s shoulders, and more interaction with Dakota and Madison. She has also been helping Mommy clean out the garage. Daddy helped a bit, but he also stole a few moments to take pictures of his motorcycle.

Posted by Darren at October 16, 2004 09:52 AM