July 15, 2007

March 2007 – A Month of Posing

A surprising percentage of the hundreds of photos we took in March were of people posing politely. Most of the shots I’ve taken over the past few years have been candid snaps of children acting like children, but March must have been all about saying “Cheese!”

The past couple of months have been pretty hectic at work, so I have not had much free-time to work on PlanetTabor. It is sad to look at the site in the middle of July and see a snowman staring back at me. Yikes. I still have a thousand or more photos from April – June that I should get on PlanetTabor before more time passes.

Posted by Darren at July 15, 2007 03:10 PM


Thank you so much for posting. We love to look at everyone. Who is all in the family picture?

Posted by: Marla and Emma at July 18, 2007 03:40 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I am sorry that it is taking so long to post these photos. I’m just going to have to post a ton of them at once to catch up.

Included in the photos are (going clockwise from the front right): Aunt Cornia, Uncle Eric, Hannah, Darren, Noah, Cousin Justin, Uncle Adrian, and Aunt Heidi.

Posted by: Dakota at August 22, 2007 01:29 PM