September 08, 2006

Summer in Summary July-August 2006

It is time once again for my bi-monthly update of PlanetTabor. I do not intend for 60 days to pass between each posting, but that is definitely the trend.

Summer 2006 was a ball. Ive narrowed some of the best moments into a modem-melting collection of around 300 photographs. Highlights include: Yes, there are a lot of photographs of the kids eating. There are two very good reasons for this predication with food-related photography. The first is that both Hannah and Noah are at interesting stages in learning how to eat in a more mature fashion. The shots of Noah shoveling pureed fruit into his eye show that this is a slow, messy, and thoroughly entertaining process for us. The second reason is that mealtime is one of the very few times during the day when both children are simultaneously: 1) happy, 2) awake, and 3) strapped down to something heavy.

FLASH! After 2 1/2 years and about ten thousand photographs, our trusty D70 is off to Nikon for a well-earned service/repair. You can see why it is at the shop by looking at some of the photos from mid-August. The camera appeared to have lost the ability to set the proper exposure and flash-intensity levels overnight. This explains why some of the photos are a little too dark and others are almost completely washed out. The SB-600 flash has the intensity of the sun at its full power, so you can imagine that it was no fun for anyone when it started misfiring. A new Coolpix 5600 will be filing in for SLR while it is getting its issues sorted out by Nikon techs.

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Too many cute ones! Thanks for posting them!

Posted by: Marla at September 23, 2006 06:17 PM