Lago Santa Margarita
The sky was clear and the weather was comfortable that Rebecca and I snuck in a walk with Dakota and Madison. I snapped a few photos of the clan by Lago Santa Margarita, the man-made lake a couple of blocks away from our house. Annuals for the Garden
A recent trip to the garden center at Target provided the perfect opportunity to add some more color to the yard and experiment with the camera a bit. Rebecca at 36 Weeks
A few photos of Rebecca and the nursery taken at the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy. Nursery at Week 36
Rebecca and I putting some of the final touches to the nursery as third-trimester nesting kicks into high gear. Madison and Dakota
Dakota and Madison are our furry first children. These shots capture a bit of their unique personalities. Rebecca, Darren, and the Dogs
I dusted off the 35mm camera to snap a few shots of the Tabor clan. Rebecca is at her glowing best. I even tried to get a few shots of the two of us with the dogs, but the concept of a timer is lost on Golden Retrievers. Casa de Glitter & Fargo
Crystal and Dave just purchased a home in beautiful Ladera Ranch. The model homes are gorgeous and the development is building at a remarkable pace. These photos show a few of the model homes and the plot of ground that will soon support their house. Baby Shower
Our family and friends threw us a fantastic baby shower in February. Rebecca and the gals seemed to have a blast. I spent a great day with the Grandfathers-to-be and the whole family came over for a BBQ that evening. It was a perfect weekend.