January 08, 2009

October 2008 Ė A Month-Long Celebration of the Pumpkin

Hannah and Noah have fallen in love with Halloween. It is a favorite of Rebecca and I also, so I suppose this was only natural. We spend most of the month going Halloween-ish things, from visiting pumpkin patches and fall festivals to dressing up in costume for 4 or 5 different events.

We let Hannah pick her costume this year. We did try some gentle persuasion once or twice, but she knew what she wanted the moment she saw the costume in a catalog. Hannah was a very proud, and pretty, Pink Supergirl. I donít think she knows anything about Supergirl. And I donít know if anyone knows why she would we be in pink. But Hannah was delighted with it and thatís all that really matters.

Noah was a Brown Bear this year, inheriting a great gender-neutral costume from his sister. He loved wearing it and did a great job of being in character while wearing it. His bear growl was impressive, and usually came with a cute clawing motion.

Posted by Darren at January 8, 2009 10:26 PM